I meant to post a few weeks ago when the seeds arrived in mid-February.  In the past, Pine Tree has shipped our seeds in a padded envelope.  This year?  We got a box:

And because we purchased so many items, we got a free reusable tote:

Currently we are storing the seeds in the box in the tote.  I will eventually appropriate it for grocery shopping.  What constitutes a lot of seeds, you ask?  Observe:

And not everything has arrived yet.  And we still have some seeds left over from last year that we’ll be using.  Still missing are the two types of potatoes, garlic, and hops – basically all the root plants.

This year I am going to try and grow all the flowers for my flower boxes and pots, as opposed to purchasing seedlings from the nursery.  But of course, once I started poking around in the flower section, there were so many new! and exciting! options for flowers.  I somehow ended up with lupin seeds (which always remind me of Monty Python) foxglove (which is making Himself nervous, as it is poisonous if ingested) and some unordered poppy seeds.  I hate poppies.  I’m going to plant them anyway, that’s a $1.35 of free seeds!  I can always Freecycle them.

Also on the purchasing agenda?  A larger seed-growing rack.  This is the one we purchased last year:

And this year’s upgrade:

Bit of a difference, no?  The added advantage with the new system is that the lights are standard sized and so we can steal them from our attic, insert new bulbs, and use them during the growing season.  J was telling me the other day about how the bulbs he just purchased have different UV spectrums, which are supposed to be good for seedlings.

This is such a complex setup and process for growing seeds.  If the Mayans are right, and the end is coming in December, we’re going to have a really hard time getting the seedlings started next year without electricity.

Especially if there are zombies.

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