Thinking of Summer

It’s official, the order is in:

We’re not going to talk about the total cost of the seeds this year.  After all, we don’t do this to save money.  We do it so you all can continually ask us, “How on earth do you have time to do all this gardening?”  (Answer: it takes way less effort than you would think.)  We are expecting it might be another year where they send us one of these in thanks:

Or perhaps call us personally.  New for this year – mini cabbages, a lettuce mix, blue potatoes (seriously, they apparently stay mostly blue when cooked; I can’t wait!) a new type of early corn, another type of peas (snow) and some new herbs.  There might be a few more things, but I can’t remember.  It was a long list.  It includes flowers once again.  We’re also planning on building another new raised bed to accomodate the root vegetables, which were very successful this year.

In other news, we’re now on Twitter.  Follow us @CocktailFarmers.  I cannot promise the tweets will be any more interesting than the posts.  But we never promised you excitement.  Only vegetables.