Be careful what you wish for

In my last post, I mentioned that we should maybe think about a pet with fur, rather than something like this:

Not as cute as a cat
We constantly have to move this guy out of the way of the mower

Just before 4th of July, I was out picking lettuce for dinner, and while walking back to the house, saw something out of the corner of my eye under the hammock.  Turned out to be a bobcat:

BobcatYou really have to zoom in on the picture to see him, but he’s there in the dark patch in the middle of the photo.  A friend estimated him at 45-50 pounds, slightly larger than our former resident cat.  I had mixed emotions about the bobcat  – part of me thought, “How cool!” while a stronger part of me thought, “Run away!”  I managed to get J out to the back deck to see our new feline neighbor before he strolled off into the brush that the evening.

Fast forward a week after that, and I was under the rhododendron weeding, when he popped out of the brush about five feet from me.  I am certain that both of us had the same “Aieeeee!” look on our faces, although I could only see his.  He ran one way, I ran the other.

I am now wearing bells out in the yard.

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