And in other plant news….

So I’ve been neglectful in updating the progress of plant growth in the raised beds.  (That’s probably because we’ve kind of been neglecting them, absent the weeding and watering.  They desperately need a dose of organic fertilizer, which we hope to do this weekend.)

                                         The shallots and carrots

                                         Lettuce!  (There’s more than this but this looks the prettiest.)

                                                        Herbs (those are the Home Depot strawberries on the left.)

                                                       Eggplants and peppers
Not robust as the stuff in the main garden.  We’re unsure about the quality of the soil in the beds; we had a loam delivery at the beginning of the spring that we used to fill them.  Where the main garden is located the ground was obscured by invasive species that we cut down and hauled away, but the resulting leaf litter might have given us a more nutrient-friendly soil that what arrived from elsewhere. So, in order to get the plants to catch up, we’ll be putting down organic fertilizer.  It can’t hurt.  At this rate we’ll get a handful of carrots, a few herbs, a few shallots, and maybe, maybe some potatoes.  Maybe.

In the next few weeks I’ll actually be planting the next round of lettuce for fall harvest.  So perhaps soon the bed won’t look so bare!

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