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February is the Longest Month…..

The seeds arrived two days after we placed the order.  We received a padded envelope, not a box, which was disappointing, but the potatoes have not yet arrived, so we remain hopeful that there might be a box in our future.  It remains emblematic of how we overdo it with the gardens.

Currently all we are doing is scheming about a new raised bed, and waiting.  Planting usually starts around the first week of March.  I might push up the flower schedule into February a little bit, just because I am impatient and I want overflowing flower boxes closer to Memorial Day this weekend.  While we wait for anything to get started (in our seed trays or on this blog) I leave you with an amusing quote I came across:

“Long experience has taught me that people who do not like geraniums have something morally unsound about them. Sooner or later you will find them out; you will discover that they drink, or steal books, or speak sharply to cats. Never trust a man or a woman who is not passionately devoted to geraniums.” – Beverly Nichols, Merry Hall